News from the international cricket scene

Here is the latest scoop on the internationally-acclaimed sport – cricket, for your enjoyment.

Pope is a hero

Lloyd Pope is an Australian bowler, and is now a world-famous player, after his leg breaks and wrong’uns took England by surprise, and secured not only a win, but also the best figures in the history of Under-19 Cricket World Cup.

There is no way for us not to compare Pope with Shane Warne in terms of ultimate destruction of the English. We are not alone in this – Herald Sun Sport called out to Warne on twitter to comment on this achievement. Warne responded by saying this brought “a huge smile to [his] face” and that Pope was an “impressive young man”. One of Shane Warne’s most notable successes was The Ball of the Century.

Pope described the experience as ‘surreal’, while his coach, Ryan Harris, felt immense pride, as the bowler had initially worried him. While more challenges lie ahead, we can say for certain that Lloyd Pope is rising to the top.

ABC to continue broadcasting cricket radio

Cricket Australia official confirmed that ABC will continue their broadcast for the next six years. The reason for rejoicing at ABC’s return comes as no surprise, given that there was a strong possibility of the national broadcaster losing the rights to broadcast on radio after eight decades.

The negative speculation in question was criticized and dismissed as “nothing but mischievous” by Cricket Australia’s outgoing chief executive, James Sutherland. He praised the relationship with ABC, stating that it had not even crossed CA’s minds that ABC is anything but essential to Australia’s cricket in the summer.

Pink-ball makes a comeback!

The famous pink ball, developed back in 2000s, and used with floodlight to make Test matches possible at night is coming back to the professional cricket after a whole year of waiting, as Specsavers County Championship promises excitement that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

This will be the second time Worcestershire has a run-in with pink balls, and this time it will be against Nottinghamshire, with some seemingly minor, but significant changes. For one thing, there will be four rounds of fixtures this year. Secondly, and more importantly, two types of pink balls will be used. That’s right – the two rivals, Pink Dukes and Pink Kookaburras will both be in the spotlight.

Let us remember that the two companies nearly had a falling out back in 2017, as Shannon Gill, from Kookaburra, commented that Kookaburra pink balls are five years ahead of its competitor. Dilip Jajodia, the owner of British Cricket Balls Ltd, on the other hand, responded that Kookaburra is scared of competition, as the company previously had a monopoly on the supply of Test match balls.