Is Cricket or Horse Racing More Popular?

Cricket and horse racing are two very different sports which have different target audiences. People who like horses will most likely turn to horse racing rather than cricket, even though it is one of the most popular sports worldwide. The reason why many people do not really hear that much about cricket is because it is played in specific countries most of the time.

Horse racing, on the other hand, is a well-known sport which people had turned to in their darkest times, most notably the US citizens prior to 2018, because any sports bets but horse racing bet were strictly prohibited due to the PASPA act of 1992.

In the UK, however, horse racing is a normal thing and something that people frequently bet on. Bettors love promotions and Betway Cheltenham has answers for horse racing lovers.

Cricket lovers will have no problem betting on their sport, due to the immense popularity of it. So, which one is more popular? It depends on the location in the world.

Cricket – A Favorite of the Many

Cricket is one of those sports that many people would not recognize immediately unless they are from the UK, India, Australia or New Zealand. That does not seem like that large of a fan base, but considering that India has around 1,3 billion people, then their fan base is quite larger than the rest of the countries, combined. A cricket match in India can land over 300 million viewers, easily, which is 3 times more than the Super Bowl in the United States, for example.

The British love cricket and reasonably so, as they then exported it to other countries of the world, like India and Australia. New Zealand, Australia, and the English are among the best countries which compete internationally in cricket. India, with such a large fan base, has only two World Cup titles, compared to Australia which has 5 and is arguably a much smaller country, in terms of population. Cricket is, however, not really popular in the United States.

Horse Racing – The US Sports Betting Savior

Due to sports betting being unavailable in most of the United States, sports fans had to turn to horse racing. This solidified its popularity in the United States. One of the most prestigious events is the Kentucky Derby and it attracts lots of attention and is considered to be the largest horse racing event in the world. In Australia, it is also a very popular sport and the Melbourne Cup is a statement to it, attracting lots of visitors.

In England, obviously, it is one of the more popular sports, but to many’s surprise, it is popular in the Middle East, as well.

The Dubai World Cup is another interesting horse racing event, drawing people from all over the world.

Which Sport is More Popular?

Cricket takes the win here, as it is one of the most popular sports in the world, and not just in the specified countries. Cricket is actually the second most popular sport in the world, next to football. Horse racing is not even on the top ten, or anywhere near cricket, for that matter. Even though cricket has more fans, both sports have passionate followers, which is, in fact, all that matter.