How to Bet on Cricket – 3 Steps to Betting on Cricket

Cricket is a sport which has been favored in the UK for most of the time, but as time went on since its inception in the late 16th century, Cricket became much more popular and is nowadays played in Australasia, the West Indies, India, southern Africa and the British Isles. Betting on Cricket, however, takes a bit more than just plain luck as something like slot machines so frequently require, and that would be knowledge.

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Moving on, betting on Cricket can be divided into 3 steps.

1.    The Cricket Games

When people hear Cricket, they mostly think that it is a game with a bat and ball and for the most part, they would be right. It is not so simple with tournaments, which recognize 3 different formats of cricket played at the international tournaments, the local ones having their own sub formats or other variations of the game.

Test Cricket:

This is the oldest form of Cricket, played over 5 days, where any team can win or finish the game in a draw. Each match here is played for over 15 sessions, there being 3 per day, one in the morning, one in the afternoon and one in the evening. This traditional and oldest style of cricket is the easiest one to do research on as it takes 5 days for a match to end, meaning you have more than enough time to asses a team or player.

One Day Cricket:

This way of playing cricket was popularized in the 70s where a match is played in one day. This way, people could enjoy a match and not have to wait for five straight days for it to end. This format allows punters to bet more frequently and not wait for the results, even though you have less time to do your research.

T20 Cricket:

T20 was popularized in the early 2000s and that was because it was lightning fast, for cricket, at least, where matches are decided in two sessions, an afternoon one and an evening one. Many teams have dropped the Test Cricket and the One Day Cricket so that they could provide their fans and investors with more fun and most likely, profit. Betting on these requires previous knowledge of the teams.

2.    Different Types of Bets

As with other sports, the winner of the match is not the only thing you can bet on. With cricket, you can bet on the leading run scorer or wicket taker, or even the top 3 in each of the categories. What about betting on the MVP? Every sport, including cricket, have their own MVP award and in cricket it is called the Man of the Match. Such a bet could be profitable compared to betting on a favorite team. More things you can bet on include the number of boundaries and the highest opening partnership, both of which can be more profitable if not more interesting than betting on the match winner.

3.    Knowledge in General

Betting on a game you have no previous knowledge of is sure to net you more loses than gains. Doing research on the teams, players and terms used in the game will provide you with an edge you can apply so that your bets are not only smarter but provide better value should you happen to win.

Even though knowledge and insight into teams and players can put you ahead of your average punter, do know that betting is still gambling, even if you do know the team’s strategy by heart.