Farewell My Dreamboat

Peacock opened up with child prodigy Edwin Moulton knowing they’d have to dig in early doors. The outfield was soaked despite best efforts from the groundsman and any shot in the first 10 overs didn’t recover full value, lots of 1’s & 2’s being run making it tough watching for the spectators. Ryan Wilson was particularly impressive, recently back from injury I’m being told he bowled with impressive control and soon took the Wicket of Edwin Moulton (4) nipping back through the gate to clip the top of off. Next to the crease was John ‘the dot ball machine gun’ Hotham, and being the most popular member in the 2nd division he was given his usual warm greeting from the slip cordon. The pair batted well in tough conditions and moved the score to 50-1 off about 19 overs, Peacock looking especially comfortable at the crease and punishing some loose deliveries from young spinner Liam Dugdale. Chesney Walling took the crucial wicket removing Peacock (33) after he dug out a Yorker that spun back to remove the bails, a shame really as in his own word Peacock was batting ‘class’ not shy of a hint of modesty that lad. The beautiful figure of Dave Edwards strode out to play his last game of the season and set about trying to drag his team towards a respectable total. Hotham was bowled by a beauty soon after off walling’s steady seamers, his 18 came off, well we’ll just say lots of deliveries.

The scorer didn’t have enough room on his calculator to input the equations as Hotham once again participated in some self-indulgent cricket. Mitcham was terribly unlucky this week, wow sorry de ja vu there I swear I write that sentence every week, he got a delivery that ‘popped’ apparently he gloved off behind for 9. All credit for walking off as the umpire looked to be in 2 minds whether to give him out or not, I’m glad he did because the amount of abuse I’ve fired at cheaters this year I’m not sure I could have lived with myself if one of our players didn’t act accordingly. This week his girlfriend gets the blame, last week it was the pitch next week the economy will probably be at fault but needless to say it won’t be his – I mean Guuuuuuuys.

DC – Mr David Catterall to you batted nicely for his 12, the old eyes are taking slightly longer to become adjusted nowadays though. Dugdale Jnr nearly bowled him first up with a pearler that he knew absolutely nothing about; speaking of pearlers Wilson soon bowled him with a beauty. Seeming pact a good foot and a half Catterall had no complaint as he made his way back. Skipper Ian Mawdesley joined Edwards at the crease, the latter now batting superbly punishing the bowlers all-round the ground with unassuming power for a man of trim physique. Edwards was doing most of the striking as Mawdesley looked considerably rusty at the crease. It was a fairy-tale ending as the dream boat Edwards, watched by his supporters of which there are many reached his fifty off the last delivery of the innings, Chorley finishing 149 off their 43 overs, with Mawdesley scoring a useful 21. We were slightly disturbed that the Netherfield players failed to acknowledge Edwards knock with a single clap, but we’ll let them off as his combined batting performances against them this season read 90 runs 0ff 65 deliveries. Edwards must be appearing in nightmares and dreams all over the place for lots of different reasons.

Teas were average by the standards set in previous years at Netherfield, but who are we to talk as ours are a complete joke. Apologies to all players who visit this year, you will go home malnourished and disappointed. Advice would be to bring additional food supplements to complement our quarter sandwich, and half packet of crisps.

Netherfield are no mugs and Chorley would have to bowl well, but with a few unfamiliar faces they fancied their chances. Herron though was one who knew wouldn’t be forgotten after his ‘slow innings’ at our place in a losing draw. All fairness to the lad he turned round after the first volley of abuse, ‘I wondered how long I’d have to wait’. The Chorley lads had done their homework and led by Peacock, Mitcham and Mead amongst others volleyed round after round at Herron, and unlike his gritty determination at Windsor Park this time they managed to break him. A few emotional shots saw him soon depart off Whittaker for 10, LBW hitting middle of middle.

Meanwhile at the other End Edwin Moulton was in the middle of an incredible spell of bowling, he absolutely blew away Netherfields top order with an exhibition in control and swing bowling Dugdale Jnr & Snr departed joined by Mark Booker as the top order made their way back to the dressing room. Such a shame that we has limited to 6 overs as he looked unstoppable in current form. Every cloud has a silver lining though and Moultons spell over allowed Meady to replace him in 13th over. Off the back of his best net of the year Mead looked a different player, noticeably bowling a little quicker he swung it away at pace and skipper Wilson could get nowhere near him. It took 26 balls before he got off the mark which is testament to Mead’s efforts.

I don’t know how Chorley are perceived amongst the league but I hope it’s as a team that aren’t afraid of exchanging words on the field but off it are the first to shake hands and have a laugh off it. Wilson took his fair share of abuse to explain, earlier on in a Michael Clarke kind of unrest he fell out with his fast bowler Airey over field positions and there were rumours of a resignation over tea. ‘You’re the captain and you’re not even liked in your own dressing room’ , was greeted with chuckles all-round as he started his innings he laughed it off with a smile though as is his usual demeanour. When Moulton caught him off the bowling of Meady for 4 though, Hotham must have pushed a button too far and was promised the feel of his bat upon one’s neck after the game. Not the first time that’s been muted before I can assure you, funny this time though as it was Peacock who delivered the final send-off only for Hotham to receive the threat, which makes a good day even better I suppose!

Jones & Dixon began to rebuild, Dixon taking a like to Mawdesleys awful dibbles that he bowls, alas he burgled another victim as he departed for 18 just before drinks. Not great from Dixon as he charged and missed providing Mitcham with a simple stumping to leave them 60-6. Whittaker was knackered bless him and earned a well-deserved rest finishing his 10 overs with 1-17. Meady swapped ends and Moulton was rushed back on as soon as he was eligible, and before you knew it the game was over. Meady bowled two jaffers to remove tail enders Barrat & Wilson, finishing with three wickets. Rumours are that even 2 days later he still hasn’t managed to stem the nose bleed and anyone who can offer suggestions is most welcome. The game really though belonged to the outstanding Edwin Moulton, it only took him another 2 overs to finish off the innings and earn a well-deserved 5 wicket hall. In fitting style one of the final wickets was a rather nonchalant catch from Matthew Hotham, in typical Hotham style he caught